About Us

MedArt was formed in 2003 by caring doctors and musicians with a mission to bring care and comfort to those within hospice or long term confinement in Hong Kong. The medium through which this mission was fulfilled was music, and initially MedArt’s volunteers, regularly performed music in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, hospices and similar institutions, bringing the joy and serenity of music directly to those confined there. 

Subsequently, the mission of MedArt was expanded to also seek to address the needs of orphaned babies in China suffering life-threatening medical conditions. As part of the programme, MedArt provides evaluation, consultation and surgical treatment without charge by experienced specialists, and facilitates and provides funding for the performance of medical procedures in China or Hong Kong according to the needs of the case.

See the PEOPLE who have been dedicating to our work and our PARTNERS who have been supporting us all along.

MedArt is a charitable organization registered in 2003 with the Government of Hong Kong SAR.

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