Music Outreach

Through outreach, we re-connect broken relationships.

MedArt strives to fulfill its mission to transform lives by bringing love and care through music into the lives of individuals with little contact with the outside world.

A group of medical doctors and musicians join and serve as volunteers to pay regular visits to prisons, psychiatric hospitals, elderly homes and similar institutions, performing classical music for their residents. Through the joy and tranquility that music brings, listeners are comforted and reassured by love and friendships. 

Since our inception, MedArt has remained steadfast to its ideal -- Music without boundaries; playing each note and rhythm of the melody that touches the heart of every participant. The volunteering team at MedArt hopes that every concert we organized will deliver a message of brotherly love, and pass on the torch of life. We believe the subtlety of “giving and receiving” will resonate on and off the stage in the dynamics of each and every performance. 

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